Dr. Edwards has been an unbelievable help and inspiration to me.  I have seen 3-4 psychologists in the past and none have been as caring, understanding, and willing to provide feedback as Dr. Edwards has.  I cannot begin to describe the positive impact Annette is having on my life.  I am beyond grateful for finder her.  Annette is one of my biggest inspirations and I would not trade our sessions for anything in the world!

A. Martinez

Lourdes has been incredible through my journey to a healthier version of myself. She has been patient and kind when I needed it, yet also strong when she knew I needed it. I’ve been with her for two years and never have I felt judged or uncomfortable, even when I didn’t follow her advice.  Through the in session exercises and ‘homework’ she gives me, I have a better understanding of myself.

Erik L.

The entire staff at PTW Group are amazing to work with. I had the pleasure of talking with Donald and his advice has really helped me.

K. B.

Lourdes has been such a positive help in my life and I love this practice.